Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property law comprises in particular the areas of patent law, trademark law, design law, and copyright law. Other closely-connected areas are the laws relating to company names, information technology, and domain names.
In this field, we are among the leading law offices in Switzerland.
Included in our services in the field of intellectual property law are the worldwide filing and administration of trademarks and designs, the development of trademark strategies, carrying out searches of all kinds, trademark monitoring, and drafting license agreements.

Competition Law

The law on competition comprises unfair competition law and antitrust law. Both these areas deal with business law.
In respect of unfair competition law, too, we are among the leading law offices in Switzerland and deal with all problems arising in this field

Commercial Law, Banking Law, Contractual Law and Notarial Functions

We advise in all matters of civil law, contract law, and business law, especially in matters of commercial and corporation law, as well as banking law. Several of our partners act as notaries in connection with establishing companies, carrying out increases in share capital, real estate transactions, and winding up successions.

Public law and Administrative law

We advise in matters of constitutional and administrative law, law of organisation, personnel law, preparation of laws, projects and pension services law.

Criminal Law

We provide advice in all areas of criminal law (general and specialised, such as road traffic law and economic criminal law) and criminal procedure. We represent both criminal defendants and crime victims, whether they are individuals or legal entities.